Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

It is straight forward to place an order with Get a Plan.
Select the format of map you would like.

Select the scale of map you would like, for PDF and Posted orders. Select the size of area for DXF/DWG.

Input the address that the map is to be centred on.

Complete the payment screen.

What formats are available?

6 paper copies sent in the post via Royal Mail First Class. Purchase here.

A PDF file emailed to an email address of your choice. Purchase here.

DXF/DWG for used with CAD and GIS programmes. Purchase here.

What is included on my map?

Posted/PDF orders

  • Site Centred Mapping at chosen scale.
  • Ordnance Survey GB Grid
  • Co-ordinates
  • North arrow
  • Scale bar
  • Centremaps Licence Number

DXF/DWG files

  • Site Centred Mapping
  • Ordnance Survey GB Grid
  • Co-ordinates
  • Georeferenced to OSGB national grid
  • Centremaps Licence Number
What is OS Mastermap?

Ordnance Survey MasterMap’s premier large scale mapping layer with over 425 million features captured from the built and natural landscape of Britain.

It is the most detailed mapping available and Ordnance Survey claim that it is never more than 6 months out of date.

What is the difference between a site location plan and a block plan?

The Planning Portal states that:

All applications must be accompanied by a site location plan and a block plan. You can buy both of these from our website, either individually or as a planning pack.

A site location plan (sometimes called a ‘location plan’) shows the proposed development in relation to its surrounding properties.

It must be based on an up-to-date map and at an identified standard metric scale (typically 1:1250 or 1:2500).

The site of the proposed development needs to be outlined in red and any other land owned by the applicant that is close to or adjoining the site needs to be outlined in blue.

A block plan (sometimes and confusingly called a ‘site plan’) shows the proposed development in relation to the property boundary.

Block plans are typically submitted at a scale of either 1:200 or 1:500 and should include the following:

  • The size and position of the existing building (and any extensions proposed) in relation to the property boundary
  • The position and use of any other buildings within the property boundary
  • The position and width of any adjacent streets


Note: If you are not sure whether your plans are suitable or require further assistance you should contact your local planning authority for advice.

What size area will my map cover?

All maps are supplied site centred on the location that you specify and the surrounding area that is covered area as follows:
Posted/PDF 1:500 scale block plan: 80m x 80m

Posted/PDF 1:1250 scale location plan: 200m x 200m

DWG/DXF file 1:1 scale for CAD/GIS: 100m x 100m, 150m x 150m or 200m x 200

When will I receive my maps?

Maps are normally produced and sent out the same day of ordering. For posted option, the maps will be sent out the day of ordering (before 15.00) via First Class Royal Mail.

Note: Any Orders placed after 15.15 may be sent out the day after ordering.

If these topics haven’t answered your question, then feel free to send us an email at
We look forward to hearing from you.